Anti Static Wrist Band

Anti Static Wrist Band

Antistatic LanyardAn Anti Static Wrist Band, ESD wrist strap, or ground bracelet is an antistatic device used to safely ground a person working on very sensitive electronic equipment. They are specifically designed to prevent the build-up of static electricity on their body, which can result in electrostatic discharge (ESD). Grounded wrist straps are used:

  • In the electronics industry by workers working on electronic devices which can be damaged by ESD.
  • By people working around explosives to prevent electric sparks which could set off an explosion.
  • Those working with potentially explosive liquids that could be ignited by an ESD (e.g. in and around fuel pumps)

The Anti Static Wrist Band itself (sometimes referred to as an Anti-Static Bracelet) consists of a stretchy band of fabric with fine conductive fibres woven through the material. The band is attached to a wire with a clip on the end to connect it to a ground conductor. The fibres are usually made of carbon or carbon-filled rubber, and the strap is bound with a stainless steel clasp or plate. They are usually used in conjunction with an antistatic mat on the workbench, or a special static-dissipating plastic laminate on the workbench surface.

Directions fo Use:

These anti-static wrist straps in industry usually connect to Earth Bonding Points (part of the grounding system) via either a 4 mm plug or 10 mm press stud, whereas personally owned straps are likely to be connected to ground via a crocodile clip.

The anti-static wrist strap, anti-static wrist band or anti-static wrist bracelet is usually worn on the non-dominant hand (the left wrist for a right-handed person). It is connected to ground through a coiled retractable cable and 1 megohm resistor, which allows high-voltage charges to leak through but prevents a shock hazard when working with low-voltage parts.

Where higher voltages are present, extra resistance (0.75 megohm per 250 V) is added in the path to ground to protect the wearer from excessive currents; this typically takes the form of a 4 megohm resistor in the coiled cable (or, more usually, a 2 megohm resistor at each end).

Standard Anti Static Wrist Strap with crocodile clip (Stocked In Australia).

Conductor   Insulation  Cable Diameter Coil Diameter
7 Ends Duplex Polyurethane 2.40mm 9.5mm



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The coiled earth lead can be detached from the wrist by means of a press stud clip assembly.

Custom Made Anti Static Wrist Bands

Anti Static Straps can be supplied in a variety of core conductors:

  • Standard copper strands as is the case in the of our stock products which you can order by simply clicking the link above.
  • Tinsel strands which have a vastly superior flex life than plain copper strands.


There is also a range of:

  • single core,
  • extra-flexible coiled power cables,
  • with improved ‘spring’.

Anti Static Wrist Band – Specialist Options:

Built with a purpose, these particular coiled cables meet the specific needs those companies working in the electronic manufacturing sector and designed to reduce operator static. Typical examples include:

Conductor Insulation  Nom.Dia.             Coil Dia. mm
7 Ends Duplex      PVC      2.75mm 12.5 Nominal
7 Ends Duplex   Polyurethane      2.50mm 12.0 Nominal
4 Ends Duplex Polyurethane      1.50 mm 8.0 Nominal
2 x 4 Ends Simplex     PVC      2.80mm 12.5 Nominal
66/0.071mm Polyurethane      2.45mm 12.0 Nominal
 66/0.071mm PVC & PU      2.45mm 12.0 Nominal









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